Pink Stargazer Lily: Flower of the Week

In 1978, the American lily grower, Leslie Woodruff, introduced the Stargazer Lily to the world. He named it the ‘Stargazer Lily’ because the flowers pointed towards the sky. His flowers became an instant sensation, because of their large blooms, vivid colors, and distinct shape. Since then, the Stargazer Lily has remained popular, being used for … Continued

Wedding Ideas: Bouquets

Your wedding bouquet is going to be the center of your wedding flowers, and it needs to be what ties your wedding venue and decorations to your dress and style. Like your ceremony flowers, your venue, season, and budget all will play a part in your bouquets. However, there are things such as your body … Continued

Carnation: Flower of the Week

Carnations are flowers that are very common and can be used in almost any type of arrangement. They are usually paired with other common flowers such as roses or daisies (as shown above). Because carnations are common, come in a wide variety of colors, and have a long life after being cut, they are affordable … Continued

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year fro Echelon Florist! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you an amazing 2015! Tweet Share +1 Share

Dahlia: Flower of the Week

Our flower of the week, the dahlia, is a frequently used flower. It is especially popular as a wedding flower, and is recognizable by its distinct petal shape and fullness. They provide texture to a bouquet or arrangement as well as body. When paired with another full flower such as the hydrangea, it provides a … Continued

Christmas Gift Ideas

At Echelon Florist and Gifts, we carry gift and home decor merchandise, as well as have a number of vendors that sell with us. Although you probably have most of your Christmas shopping done, we’re here to provide those last-minute Christmas gift ideas for the last few people on your list. Candles and Potpourri – Echelon carries beautiful … Continued

Anthurium: Flower of the Week

    The Anthurium is a tropical plant native to parts of Mexico, Argentina, and the Caribbean. Anthurium can either be used in cut flower arrangements or grown as a house plant; and it grows and can be planted year-round, making it popular during the Fall and Winter months. Like almost all flowers, the Anthurium … Continued

Wedding Ceremony Style

                                                  Everyone knows that the ceremony is what people think of when they hear the word “wedding”. That being said, you want your wedding ceremony to be as gorgeous as you … Continued

Poinsettia: Flower of the Week

In the U.S. Poinsettias are usually known as “Christmas Flowers”, and in Mexico as The Christmas Eve Flower. Along with Holly, Mistletoe, and of course, Evergreen Trees, Poinsettias are the one of the plants most associated with the Holidays. They are most commonly used in their plain red form for Christmas decorating, but the marbled … Continued

Dancing Lady Orchid: Flower of the Week

Oncidium, or Dancing Lady Orchids as they are more commonly known, are regularly used in floral arrangements, but are also grown as houseplants. They are identified by their flourishing petal shape, which resemble full-skirted dancers; hence the name, Dancing Lady Orchids. While they are most often a vivid yellow with brown spots, Dancing Lady Orchid’s different … Continued