Leucospermum – Flower of the Week

  Like scabiosa pods, Leucospermum is a strange flower that is quickly making a rise in popularity, especially for wedding flowers. However, Leucospermum has a different style than scabiosa pods, usually being paired with richer greens, oranges, and reds rather than the pastel colors that scabiosa pods are most often. Leucospermum is a variety of … Continued

Scabiosa Pods – Flower of the Week

Featured in a previous post of ours about flowers that are just a bit odd (which you can read here), the Scabiosa Pod deserved its own post! To start off, Scabiosa Pods aren’t technically a “flower”, because they are actually the seed pod of the plant; meaning that what you see is what’s left after … Continued

Rose: Flower of the Week

Everyone knows that the rose is the classic Valentine’s Day flower, so we thought it appropriate to be this week’s Flower of the Week. But did you know that roses don’t all have the same meaning? Each different color variety of roses represents something different than the rest. Red – The red rose is the … Continued

Cabbage Rose: Flower of the Week

Cabbage Roses are full, textured, soft-smelling roses that are less commonly known than similar flowers. They are used frequently in floral design, but are grown mainly for their scent, which is used in perfumes, and stronger and sweeter than typical roses. They are more expensive than regular roses, but provide something more unique. Cabbage Roses … Continued

Carnation: Flower of the Week

Carnations are flowers that are very common and can be used in almost any type of arrangement. They are usually paired with other common flowers such as roses or daisies (as shown above). Because carnations are common, come in a wide variety of colors, and have a long life after being cut, they are affordable … Continued

Poinsettia: Flower of the Week

In the U.S. Poinsettias are usually known as “Christmas Flowers”, and in Mexico as The Christmas Eve Flower. Along with Holly, Mistletoe, and of course, Evergreen Trees, Poinsettias are the one of the plants most associated with the Holidays. They are most commonly used in their plain red form for Christmas decorating, but the marbled … Continued

Dancing Lady Orchid: Flower of the Week

Oncidium, or Dancing Lady Orchids as they are more commonly known, are regularly used in floral arrangements, but are also grown as houseplants. They¬†are identified by their flourishing petal shape, which resemble full-skirted dancers; hence the name, Dancing Lady Orchids. While they are most often a vivid yellow with brown spots, Dancing Lady Orchid’s different … Continued

Safflower: Flower of the Week

Safflower is typically one of those flowers that you don’t notice very quickly, but as you pay attention to the smaller details of the bouquet or arrangement, you see how fun and unique they are. Don’t recognize the Safflower in the shown bouquet? Look for the small, light orange, prickly-looking puffballs. Do you see them … Continued

Viking Poms: Flower of the Week

Viking Poms are small, yellow daisies that are members of the Chrysanthemum family. They look like tiny sunflowers, which makes makes them perfect for fall. They are bright, warm, fun, and are fairly simple while still adding an eye-catching element to the arrangement that they’re in.   Like most daisies, Viking Poms symbolize purity and … Continued

Flower of the Week: Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies, along with Roses, Tulips, Chrysanthemums, and Carnations, is one of the five most used cut flowers in the world. They can be paired beautifully with other flowers, and add more fullness to an arrangement. To the right, they are paired with Roses, Tulips, and Coffee Berry (which was our last Flower of the … Continued