Christmas Countdown: 17

Here’s a Christmas craft that we really love!
A candy stick vase!

Time needed: 1 hour

Materials needed:
Aluminum Can (a cylinder vase from the dollar store will also work)
Candy sticks
Double-sided foam mounting tape
Plastic cup

  1. To make one, first snugly wrap 3 or 4 rings of double-sided foam mounting tape around a clean, dry, and labelless aluminum can (ours was 15 ounces).
  2. Peel off the tape’s protective covering to expose its second sticky side.
  3. One at a time, attach colorful individually wrapped candy sticks (available at candy shops; we used 26) to the tape, setting them as close together as possible and pressing them firmly in place.
  4. For a festive finish, tie a ribbon around the container. To use the vase for fresh flowers or plants, set a plastic cup inside the can as a liner before adding water.

If you make this vase feel free to bring it in and we’ll make an arrangement in it for you!

This idea is from Family Fun magazine & the instructions can also be viewed on their website.

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