Flower Of The Week

If you’ve stepped outside in the past couple days you know that summer is already in full swing. This week we’ll be looking at a fun summer flower.

Dahlias are also known as Georginas. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, yellow, and bicolor. There are many different varieties of dahlias and the shape and size depends on which type it is. The petals are attached in a way that makes them look concave, and some of them have daisy like centers. Most of the flowers on the market today are available throughout the whole year,  but Dahlias are truly a summer flower. Their season starts in June and they are available through October.
Meaning: Treachery, Elegance, Dignity, Instability, Good Taste, Forever Thine. Dahlias are associated with the 14th wedding anniversary.

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