Cabbage Rose: Flower of the Week

Cabbage Rose

Cabbage Rose Bouquet

Cabbage Roses are full, textured, soft-smelling roses that are less commonly known than similar flowers. They are used frequently in floral design, but are grown mainly for their scent, which is used in perfumes, and stronger and sweeter than typical roses. They are more expensive than regular roses, but provide something more unique.

Cabbage Roses go by many other names, including “Province Rose”, “Moss Rose” because some have fuzzy moss-like stems and leaves, and “Cabbage Flower”. During the Victorian era, they represented deep love and passion, their meaning being “my heart is in flames”.

Used in floral design, Cabbage Roses are a great alternative to peonies, which are seasonal flowers. Cabbage Roses can be purchased year-round, and can be used in the same ways as peonies or other full flowers.

Cabbage Roses are beautiful flowers that can be used for any occasion, providing something classic, yet unique. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, considering some different than your classic red rose might be perfect this year!



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