How to Care for Flowers

While putting your flower arrangement in water is the only thing that you would normally think you had to do, they aren’t going to last very long that way. Knowing how to care for flowers can help prevent your flowers from wilting so soon, and allow you to enjoy your arrangement for much longer. Today we’re going to share some of our best, basic tips to help you keep your flowers looking gorgeous!


  1. Cut the Stems – Cutting the stems before you put your flowers in the water helps them to absorb the water better, and gets rid of any air bubbles that may have formed at the bottom of the stem. Cutting your stems diagonally is also a good way to prevent air bubbles.

  2. Get the Stems In Water Quickly – You want to have your stems in the water immediately after you cut them, or else air bubbles will form again and the whole purpose of cutting the stems is defeated.

  3. Use Flower Food – Usually a florist will send a pack of flower food for you to dissolve in the water that you put the flowers in, make sure you use it! It has all of the things that your flowers can use to stay healthy and prevent wilting. If you didn’t get flower food, you can make your own with sugar and lemon juice.

  4. Change Your Water – After a while, your flowers will use up all of the nutrients in the water and it will need to be changed out. Don’t forget to cut the stems again!

  5. Use Lukewarm Water – Having water too hot or too cold can damage the flowers and cause them to wilt even more quickly.

  6. Remove Leaves and Dead Blooms – Both of these things use up more water that could be going to your living blooms, so remove the leaves when you cut the stems, and remove dead blooms as needed.

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