Carnation: Flower of the Week

Carnations are flowers that are very common and can be used in almost any type of arrangement. They are usually paired with other common flowers such as roses or daisies (as shown above). Because carnations are common, come in a wide variety of colors, and have a long life after being cut, they are affordable and a popular wedding flower. After roses, carnations are the most popularly commercial-grown flower in the world.

Carnations are the birth flower for the month of January, and represent love and affection. However, with the many different colors of carnations, there are different meanings. White carnations, for example, represent purity; and pink represent a mother’s love.

As shown in the above bouquets, carnations bring a unique, textured body to an arrangement. They are grown year-round, and can be found in spring, summer, fall, and winter bouquets in different colors.

Carnations are a very distinct flower in their shape and texture. They are used in both large amounts for full arrangements, or individually for more simple pieces. Carnations are a flower that will surely be popular for some time.

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