Dogwood: Flower of the Week


Spring, along with the Dogwood blossoms, is in full swing in East Tennessee. With the coming of these blooms and the month of April, we in Knoxville also celebrate the Dogwood Arts Festival┬áthat consists of numerous events throughout the month. One of the greatest of these events is set for this coming weekend in downtown Knoxville’s Market Square, and will celebrate some of our area’s best entertainment, artistry, and culture.

Dogwood trees bloom in either white or pink, but interestingly, the white or pink bracts are not considered true petals by botanists. Its symbolic flower meaning is endurance and durability; but it is also the subject of many legends created during the early 20th century. The legends say that they represent Christ’s crucifixion because of their shape, colors, and texture in the center.

Dogwood trees and flowers have many uses, and are the focus of much excitement this month and this weekend. The beauty of these blooms is something that can be looked forward to as a sure sign that Spring is here.

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