Famous Wedding Flowers

In 2011 the two most talked about weddings were the Royal Wedding and the Wedding in the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn. Many brides have drawn inspiration from these weddings, and if you are one of them here are some helpful hints about the types of flowers used in each of them.

The Royal Wedding

Kate’s Bouquet

The shape is a small cascade. Some of these flowers are very seasonal so if you are wanting to duplicate this look talk to us about it when you come in and we can find appropriate substitutes if all of these flowers are not available at the time of your wedding.

The Ceremony

Kate chose all her flowers based on “The Language of Flowers” that was popular with Queen Victoria. For the ceremony she chose lily of the valley which means “trustworthy”, myrtle “hope and love”, hornbeams “resilience”, and field maples “humility and reserve”.

Twilight Wedding

Bella’s Bouquet

The flowers used in Bella’s hand-tied, monochromatic white bouquet, are hyacinth, freesia, larkspur, and ranunculus. Again, some of these flowers are seasonal so we will be glad to help you choose appropriate substitutes.

The Ceremony

That beautiful arch is made from cherry blossoms and tiny pieces of white lavender. The gorgeous strings of white flowers hanging from the trees is Wisteria.

The Reception

The centerpieces were made up of delphiniums, sweet pea, viburnum, ranunculus, and Australian ferns all blended with moss. (And look at those gorgeous candleabras that look like trees!)

Even if you are drawing inspriation from either of these weddings don’t be afraid to make them your own. After all, it’s your special day! Just keep in mind the key style words while you’re planning. Both of these weddings are very elegant,  but the royal wedding is classic and the twilight wedding is earthy. Good luck! As always we’re always here to help with your wedding flower needs, just give us a call to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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