Flower of the Week: Cockscomb Celosia


The special flower in the spotlight this week is one of the most unique- Cockscomb Celosia, or Celosia Cristata! Cockscomb is a common nickname after the resemblance the wavy clusters of tiny flowers have to a rooster’s comb. It is also called Brain Flower or Wool Flower, for the texture and shape resemblance. The name Celosia is derived from the Greek world “Kelos” meaning burned, perhaps referring to the resemblance to burning embers or the vibrant colors.

These come in bright pink, magenta, red, burgundy, orange, yellow, and green. The clusters are large and weighty, measuring about 1-10″ across, and are great for adding mass and a quirky flare to a flower arrangement. The stems are 12-18″. The flowers are not susceptible to many diseases but can be prone to fungus if kept too moist. They flourish in warmer environments, available usually through the spring and summer,  and have a vase life spanning from 4-14 days.

In Nigeria they are eaten and considered to be one of the most essential leaf vegetables, and are cultivated in China where the flower is called chi kaun. They have no fragrance and are equally lovely when dried.

So, if you’d like to add a colorful and intriguing element to your arrangement from Echelon, ask to check out the Celosia!