Flower of the Week: Coffee Berry

This week’s flower is one that is very popular during the Fall and Winter months, the Coffee Berry.


While the plant that the Coffee Berry comes from (Rhamnus Californica) has flowers, the part of the plant that is used in floral arrangements is oddly, not an actual flower, but the fruit of the plant.

The Coffee Berry gets its name from the seeds inside that look very much like a coffee bean. It was used by Native Americans to heal wounds, and has recently been found to have many of the same health benefits as blueberries and Acai berries.


Most often, Coffee Berry is found in flower arrangements as red, orange, or green. In the first bridal bouquet pictured, the Coffee Berry stands out, being bright red. In the bouquet below, the Coffee Berry is green, and it brings a completely different element to the bouquet. Personally, I have always liked Coffee Berry best when paired with Hydrangeas as seen below.


Coffee Berries grow year-round, and so they are fairly often used during the Fall and Winter, when many plants and flowers are out of season.