Poinsettia Varieties

I’m sure by now lots of you have received poinsettas, but there are so many more varieties now than just the standard red and white. You may be wondering what yours is called here are the different varieties that we have sent out of our shop this year.

Jingle Bells – Mostly red brackets with small spots of white. They look like they’re splatter painted! This was our most popular variety this year! DETA-664
Ruby Frost – This variety is red and white mixed. The red almost looks like it is peeking through the white giving the poinsettia an overall pink hue.

Ruby Frost 2
Ice Punch – This variety is mostly red with a faded section in the middle of each bracket. This is also a very popular variety.
Poinsettia Ice Punch 11-30-10
Christmas Rose – This variety of poinsettia has more curved, smaller brackets which makes it resemble a rose (hence the name). This variety comes in many different colors.
Now you know what to tell people when they ask you what your beautiful poinsettia is called!

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