Ranunculus: Flower of the Week

Ranunculus, our flower of the week, is currently trending as a flower used in wedding designs. Their size, variety, and unique texture make them a perfect choice for any bride; because they pair well with many other flowers, and can be used as either your focal point or an accent flower tastefully.

The ranunculus symbolizes radiant charm and beauty, and have a few different names including “Buttercup” (they are actually related to the small, yellow garden weed), and “Coyote’s Eyes”. Ranunculus season is typically January-May, so they make the perfect Spring wedding flower.

Once cut, ranunculus can last up to seven days, meaning their petals won’t start to wilt around the edges during your wedding, like many more fragile cut flowers do. This also makes them perfect for when you want to send flowers to a friend or loved one, because they can be enjoyed longer!

The ranunculus is a simple, yet unique and beautiful flower, and the trend of using them in so many different ways won’t be ending anytime soon!

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