Pink Stargazer Lily: Flower of the Week

In 1978, the American lily grower, Leslie Woodruff, introduced the Stargazer Lily to the world. He named it the ‘Stargazer Lily’ because the flowers pointed towards the sky. His flowers became an instant sensation, because of their large blooms, vivid colors, and distinct shape.

Since then, the Stargazer Lily has remained popular, being used for every occasion. In their pink variety, the symbolize wealth and prosperity; whereas the white variety symbolizes purity.

The Stargazer Lily is also grown as a garden plant, and brings beautiful color and aroma to any garden. They will bloom in mid-summer, the first summer after they are planted.

Because their blooms are so large, and there aren’t a large number of flowers per plant, using the Stargazer Lily in floral arrangements can become pricey. While a wedding covered in Stargazer Lilies would be beautiful and smell amazing, you should be sure that you have the extra room in your budget, or use the blooms sparingly.

The Stargazer Lily can be purchased in every season, which makes it even more popular. It is something bright and colorful that can be a cheerful change during the winter months. It is certain that the Stargazer Lily will remain loved for quite some time.

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