The faces of Echelon Florist: Matt

Meet Matt Smith
General Manager & Designer

Matt’s Story: The flower shop has meant many, many things to me over the years. As the son of a florist when everyone else was sick as a child they got to go to the doctor. Not me, I went to the flower shop with mom. 18 years ago my folks purchased Echelon Florist and I had just turned 16, so I was able to deliver flowers and learn the area I had just moved to. After high school I pursued a different career path, but wherever I happened to work I always ended up in a management roll. When I chose to come to Echelon full time it was only natural for me to step into the position of manager. I’ve been here for 8 years, and I still enjoy watching the trends change and discovering new products and advances in the floral industry.

Matt’s favorite type of design: Tropical fusion (using tropical flowers and traditional flowers in the same arrangement)

Matt’s favorite flower: Either lilac or honeysuckle (both for the fragrance)

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