Flower Of The Week

This week’s flower has gotten a bad rap, but when used correctly it is quite beautiful. Gypsophilia Gypsophilia can also be known as just gyp, but is most commonly referred to as baby’s breath. It is usually seen in white, but it can also be pink. Everyone has seen it as a filler for rose arrangements … Continued

Fun Flower Facts: Impatiens (Touch-me-Not)

“when the mature seed capsules are touched ever so lightly, they will “explode” and send seeds flying through the air as far as 20 ft” Haha that’s pretty cool Tweet Share +1 Share

Flower Of The Week

This flower of the week is very sweet and soft, perfect for spring. It also is right on trend for 2013 weddings with the soft, pastel colors. Sweet pea is a spring & summer flower. It can be white, pink, lavender, and purple. It has papery, butterfly shaped petals. It has an almost ruffled appearance … Continued

Flower Of The Week: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s day is approaching quickly, so it’s time to get those orders called in! Here are the prices of our Valentine’s Day arrangements & our Valentine’s day specials: Bud Vase with 1 Rose – $17.50 Bud Vase with 2 Roses – $22.50 Bud Vase with 3 Roses – $27.50 1 dozen Cash & Carry Colored Roses – … Continued