Allium: Flower of the Week

This week’s flower, Allium, is one that is better known for being grown by gardeners than being used in floral arrangements. It continues to become more and more popular for both gardening and floral designing, for its unique color and shape.

The Allium is actually in the same plant family as onions and garlic, and may have a similar scent when first cut (don’t worry though, the smell quickly fades; we know you don’t want your bridal bouquet to smell like garlic). It is most commonly grown in its purple variety, but can also be grown in pink, blue, green, or white.

Allium can express several meanings, some of the most common: You’re perfect, elegant, humble, and patient. Allium can also mean “unity”, appropriate for weddings, right?

When used in floral arrangements, Allium provides a burst of color, but in a modern and sophisticated way. It can work perfectly in a natural, green bouquet like the one on the left, but it also pairs nicely with other colors.




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