Bells of Ireland: Flower of the Week

This week’s Flower of the Week, Bells of Ireland, is the tall, green flower in the photo. Bells of Ireland add a unique dimension to every arrangement that they are used in. They are a part of the mint family, and have a pleasant, very distinct smell.

Bells of Ireland can grow up to three feet tall, so they can be used to lengthen an arrangement, and provide very unique shape and structure to your arrangement. The floral meaning of Bells of Ireland is good luck (no surprise, there) and are often given in arrangements to represent this.

Bells of Ireland are available year-round, but are most common between June and October, making them perfect for a summer party. They can be used at their full length, or can be trimmed to add their texture without making your arrangement very tall. No matter how you use them, Bells of Ireland will never be a disappointment!



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