Floral Cake Decor

Fresh floral cake decor is a beautiful way to add personality to your cake, and like the rest of your wedding flowers, can be customized to every style and budget. Pictured are a few of the cakes that we have had a hand in making, but as this trend continues to grow, there will certainly be many more in the future!

However, as gorgeous as it may be, floral cake decor isn’t as simple as placing your favorite flower on your cake. Some things that we would advise everyone to consider when choosing the blooms for your cake would be:

Edibility – Some flowers, or even their pollen and oils, can be poisonous; but this doesn’t always mean that they can’t be used on your cake. Things like hidden plastic between your cake and your flowers can keep your cake both stunning and safe.

Other Flowers – Even though you can sometimes use non-edible blooms on your cake, sometimes it’s not always an option. You want the flowers on your cake to match the other flowers used in your wedding, so if you’re planning on using floral cake decor, make sure the flowers you want can be used in this way before deciding on the main flowers to be used for your special day.

Scent – Most people agree that roses smell amazing, but the taste that comes with that smell? Not so much. Choosing flowers with a lighter fragrance might be the best choice when it comes to floral cake decor, because a flower’s strong scent can often be absorbed into a cake.

If you’re planning on using floral cake decor, it’s best to talk to both your florist (about optional flowers) and your cake designer (about incorporating the flower into your cake) in order to get the cake of your dreams!

P.S. Be sure to check out our new Pinterest board about floral cake decor here!



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