Viking Poms: Flower of the Week

Viking Poms are small, yellow daisies that are members of the Chrysanthemum family. They look like tiny sunflowers, which makes makes them perfect for fall. They are bright, warm, fun, and are fairly simple while still adding an eye-catching element to the arrangement that they’re in.


Like most daisies, Viking Poms symbolize purity and innocence, but the meanings specific to Viking Poms are Hope, Cheer, Optimism, Rest, and Truth. They also happen to be the Birth Flower for November.


Viking Poms are great for fall arrangements (Thanksgiving table centerpieces, too!) when paired with purple, orange, red, pink, or brown; but they can also be fun and summery when paired with something like navy blue. Over-all Viking Poms can be used in almost anything, and look great in it.





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