Wedding Ideas: Bouquets

Your wedding bouquet is going to be the center of your wedding flowers, and it needs to be what ties your wedding venue and decorations to your dress and style. Like your ceremony flowers, your venue, season, and budget all will play a part in your bouquets. However, there are things such as your body shape and your dress that play a part in your bouquet that did not matter with your other flowers. These are all good things to discuss with your florist, and they can give you advice.

Dress/Accessories – Your wedding style needs to be consistent, and your bouquet is part of that style. If your dress has a very elegant design, then your bouquet needs to be elegant as well. Each flower that you use has a different style, and there are many ways to match your bouquet to your dress. Some brides coordinate their jewelry with their bouquet by tying jewelry around the stems of the bouquet.

Body Shape – Just like your dress, your bouquet can compliment your body shape, or it can throw everything off. There are many different bouquet shapes, and your florist can help you find the one that is best for you.

Personal Taste – Also like your dress, your bouquet needs to show who you are. It needs to be full of your personality, taste, and style. Your Pinterest boards can become very helpful to florists with this, and we often use them during consultations to help us understand what exactly a bride is looking for.

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